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Payment Procedure

As a mandatory directive from the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB), full payment has to be made in advance in US dollars. The payment upon reaching us is directly deposited in our account with TCB, for analyzing and enabling us to process our online visa system. Bhutan Oasis Travel will not be allowed to withdraw the payment, until your trip has concluded successfully. This grantees safety of your payment and assures all integrity and services provided by us.

Please note that all the tour groups in Bhutan are subject to the following payment procedure. Please be assured of confidence and security when using this payment method. Basically it requires these steps:

This is Standard Chartered Bank Ltd address:

  • Go to your bank and ask to make an international bank transfer. They will have the forms there – so take a print out of the banking information below.
  • They will send the US dollar amount through to a bank account maintained by Bhutan National Bank in New York with a note to transfer to Bhutan Oasis Travel.
  • Keep the receipt – and email it to us at info@bhutantravelservice.com
  • The details of the overseas bank account maintained by Bhutan National Bank in New York that you need to make your deposit/payment to is as follows:
  1. Bank Address (Correspondent Bank): Standard Chartered Bank Ltd

One Madison Avenue, New York

NY 10010-3603

Swift code: Scblus33

Chips ABA: 0256

FED ABA: 026002561

  1. Beneficiary Bank’s Account No: 358-202-171-9001 (USD A/C)


  1. Beneficiary’s Bank: Bhutan National Bank Ltd

Post Box No. 439

GPO Building, Changlam, Thimphu

Swift code: bnbtbtbt

  1. Ultimate Beneficiary (Name & Address): Account No: 0000060725016

        Bhutan Oasis Travel

Changbangdu Express way

Building 3, Flat 6A, Thimphu:Bhutan

Telefax: +975-2-331273


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Website: http://www.bhutantravelservice.com

Once the wire transfer is complete, please Email scanned copy of the same via  info@bhutantravelservice.com to confirm with the Bank here in Bhutan and proceed with the visa.