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Bhutan Birding

Bhutan is a jewel in the Eastern Himalayas, with a very diverse and rich biodiversity. Bhutan’s commitment to environmental preservation is complimented by the respectful view towards nature and environment by its people. Today Bhutan stands on the top list for biodiversity hot spot. The rich diversity is much varied due to the country’s topography ranging from subtropical climate to the alpine climate. The country ranks one of the top highest percentages of species density in the world. Bhutan also has about 27 % of the land under protected areas designated as national parks.

Bhutan boasts as a bird- watchers paradise with 676 species of birds confirmed and recorded. Among the list are 19 species of birds listed a threatened and 12 as near threatened, by the Birdlife International.

Bird watching in Bhutan started with the onset of tourism, and so many birdwatchers from across the world have traveled to Bhutan on guided tours.

We at Bhutan Oasis Travel have a team of experienced professional bird watching guides. With their experience, they can locate the best spots for spotting rare species. Our guides are very knowledgeable about local cultures, traditions, and heritage with fluent English.


Birding in Bhutan

Bhutan is, perhaps, the last showpiece of the ‘Eastern Himalaya’ and a tribute to the country’s enlightened policy of co-existence with Nature. Its primeval forests cover almost 72 percent of the land area of 47,000 sq. km and vary in altitude from 60 meters to 7550 meters. This diverse geography results in a mix of subtropical broadleaf forests, coniferous forest, and alpine meadows.  Such amazing range of environments makes Bhutan a place of immense ecological diversity where unequal bird communities can co-exist in harmony in discrete biotic units.


  • Day 1: Paro (2250 m)
  • Day 2: PARO (2250 m) – THIMPHU (2300 m) Approx 1hr drive 65 KM
  • Day 3: THIMPHU (2300 m)- PUNAKHA (1310M) Approx 3hr drive 65 KM
  • Day 4: PUNAKHA (1310M) – PELELA (3400M)- TRONGSA (2200M) Approx 5hr drive 142 KM
  • Day 5: TRONGSA  (2200M) – YOTONGLA (3520m) BUMTHANG (2700M) Approx 3hr drive 68 KM
  • Day 6: BUMTHANG (2700M)
  • Day 7: BUMTHANG (2700M) – WANGDUEPHODRANG (1300m) Approx 8hr drive 210KM
  • Day 8: WANGDUEPHODRANG (1300m) – PARO (2250 m)