Introducing Bhutan

Bhutan has developed its own unique distinct culture and heritage, for it was shrouded for centuries in the misty serenity of the great eastern Himalayas.

With its deep spiritual land built upon the fertile ground if its rich religious and cultural heritage. Bhutan is a land full of myth and legends. Bhutan today hosts over 2000 monasteries and 10,000 monuments that dot over the serene landscape as a befitting testimony.

The land permeates an ambience of its scared tranquility, which fosters an environment of the spiritual and cultural richness, which is the very foundation of the uniquely Bhutanese life.

The people have safeguarded, protected and preserved the various cultural, spiritual and way of life so zealously. Bhutan today is perhaps one of the unspoiled regions of the world.

At present Bhutan co-exist with its past and the contemporary, a recipe that makes travelling to Bhutan a very unique experience. A journey into Bhutan is still a journey into its past, whereby modernity co exist alongside. It lies in one of the most rugged terrains of the world, yet the richness of its bio diversity is unmatched.

With 700,000 people, Bhutan’s approach to development is guided by the principles of Gross National Happiness, which is given more priority over Gross Domestic Product. Bhutan continues to strive Happiness as an indicator of development, for which the United Nations have also endorsed, and recognized March 20th as the International Day of Happiness.

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