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Our Team

Why Local Bhutanese Guide?

It is when you travel to the unknown places with interesting cultures and cultural differences; your guide plays a pivotal role to share the real stories of the land, people, and its cultural heritage.

It is only the local tour guide who can achieve the real purpose of sharing local knowledge that he or she has experienced from childhood.

It is also in our duty as a part of Responsible Tourism to provide meaningful and gainful employment opportunities to the locals.

All our tour guides are trained and certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan, under various categories.

Here we have provided some details of our selected team.

Tenzin Dorji (General Manager)

I was born in Thimphu the capital of Bhutan and spent my time in Bhutan until my junior high school. After my high school education, I left for India and spent five years majoring in Fine art with Art History specialization.

Upon returning back to Bhutan I truly was able to discover the true beauty and rich culture of my country, until I explored with my guests. In the past few years, I had the opportunity to travel throughout Bhutan including some very breathtaking pristine treks and hikes in the country.

I had the task of sharing with my guests, its history, traditions and Buddhist culture. My art history background helped me a lot to enable me to understand it in depth.

Now that I have explored my country, I have gained the experience in choosing our local partners, and facilities in providing the best of services to our esteemed guests.

The accumulation of my experiences and with my enthusiasm for Responsible Tourism has resulted in the founding of Signature of Himalayas, in providing true authentic Bhutanese experience and hospitality. Our experiences are a result of many years of research and development as a service provider. Its truly unique, and I am proud to say that now Bhutan we have a very energetic team, ever ready to solve any problems along the way.

We welcome you to join our experience and taste the real authentic Bhutanese experience.
Tenzin Dorji

Founder and General Manager



KinleyWangchuk (Senior Tour Guide)

Products: Cultural Tour & Mild Hiking, Mountain Biking, White Water Rafting, Festival Tour, Photography and Farm Stay

Awards: Recipient of Danida Fellowship

Tour Guide License No: TCB/1009

After working in manufacturing industry and Media Sector for about half a decade in various positions have finally decided to establish my career as a tour guide. With my experience as a tour guide, I have expanded my knowledge very much and I came to realized thing that I loved most are Photography, Biking, Traveling and sharing stories of the places.
Fore above reason I have chosen to work as a tour guide. I am specialized in providing assistance in dealing with emergency situations for distressed travelers. While on the field my main responsibilities included monitoring and ensuring quality service standards for our guests.

I love traveling and meeting people and I have traveled extensively through Europe and Asia.
With my 10 years experience in the travel industry, I hope to help you make the most of our beautiful country.

I grew up hearing the stories of the places around me form no other than my father who is a great historian. Leading tour groups from around the world have enabled me to expand my knowledge and explore the world. For more than a decade now, I spent my good years working as a tour guide, mountain biker, and photographer in Bhutan. It was an incredible experience meeting tourists from every corner of the world as well as gaining experience traveling to several places. I love to travel and have been to Europe and Asia.

Personal Interests

  • Bhutanese history: I have had a lifelong fascination with history, particularly Bhutan’s colorful past and indigenous history
  • Environmental sustainability: this is my passion in both my personal and professional life
  • Mountain Biking: I love the mental and physical challenge, and the focus required
  • Camping: have been an avid camper since childhood
  • Photography: I love to capture the beauty of the Bhutanese landscape
  •  Other cultures and languages: I love to learn about other cultures and their languages as much as I love to share my passion for Bhutan with foreign guests

TempaRabgay (Tour Guide)

Tour Guide License No: TCB/2103/13

My name is TempaRagbay and people commonly call me Tempa. I am 28 years old and I have bachelors in IT. Since my school days I have always loved extracurricular activities and specially sports. I have also played football in our school team. I have won many medals as a footballer and still I love to play football.

To become a tour guide has always been my dream, and now that I lead various tour groups I am able to learn much and as well as share my experiences of Bhutanese culture and history. I have been mostly guiding as a cultural tour guide and recently I have passed the intensive trekking guide course conducted by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. Now I am looking forward in leading groups to the many trekking routes in Bhutan. Besides culture, I am also fond of nature and adventure, and I have also lead birding groups to Bhutan.

It is my pleasure to share our culture, history, and the rich Buddhist history, which I have learned through my experience as a tour guide to our esteemed guests.

I have also much job satisfaction, as a tour guide as we are the ambassadors to our esteemed guests from all over the world. We as a tour guide in Bhutan shoulder great responsibility, as Bhutan follows high-value low volume tourism practices. This gives me a sense of pride working as tour guide and being able to contribute towards Responsible Tourism, thereby making a contribution towards local communities and society at large. I welcome you all to Bhutan, and let’s experience authentic Bhutanese culture and happiness with me.

Thinley Drukda Dorji (Tour Guide)

TCB license no: TCB/1886/12

My name is Thinley Drukda Dorji. I am 26 years old and I did my bachelors degree in Computer Application. Guiding has always been my dream as I like communicating with people and share my country’s wonderful culture and tradition.

I have been in guiding for about 3 and half years and lead various groups learning about their culture as well as sharing my thoughts and knowledge about Bhutan history, the people, culture, and tradition.